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  1. A month or so ago I saw Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon on sale for 15 bucks so I bought it. Coincidentally, this one also frteueas the Hardy Boys.As usual for me in this type of Adventure game, I eventually got hopelessly stuck. Nancy had to put on dancing shoes and make a footprint pattern on the dance floor, but half an hour after starting my experimentation I was just as clueless as when I started. No feedback for getting close; I had no idea what kind of pattern was required.Anyways, I expect to get stuck in such games. It was nevertheless a pleasant experience. The only real negative I had was that the game window was extremely tiny on my 20 monitor. I had to put my nose near the screen to read the text. I wish they’d allow the option to open to larger resolutions even if it results in pixelation.